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Final Fantasy 8 Remix/Recomposition

2008-12-29 11:42:48 by viion

I'm currently making an remix/recomposition album of the best music from Final Fantasy 8, I'll be posting them up bit by bit so please click "View All" next to my audio panel and check them out. I will do songs on request also if you feel there is a specific one you like! - I do these mainly because, I love the old game music, each song is amazing, it has it's own distinct feel and I want to bring it forward a notch with a bit of real instrument usage rather than just synthesizers. I hope you like it also!

Here is a list also for quick reference.
1. Legendary Beast
2. Extreme
3. Liberi Fatali
4. Silence and Motion
5. Don't be Afraid (Battle Music)
6. Succession of Witches
7. Never Look Back
8. Blue Fields
9. Only A Plank Between One and Perdition
10. Balamb Garden

--- Finished =) ---
Updated - 1 Song to finish!!! =|
Updated - 2 Songs left =(
Updated - 3 Songs left =O

PS. When I've complete it all, I will post the source files somewhere, you'll find it in this blog.


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2008-12-29 11:45:13

did you ever play that game? i played 7 and 9 but not 8

viion responds:

Yeh, I have most of the Final Fantasy's still. I might do 9 next, I don't know, either 9 or 10 or maybe one of the lower ones, I'd do 7 but a lot of people do 7, it's well catered for XD