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Thank you all! - XD

2009-01-04 15:26:21 by viion

Thanks to all who reviewed my FF8 remix's and current submissions. I shall be progressing onto FF9 soon, I've done some already which do need tweaking a little then I'll begin submitting.

I am just wondering, do you guys get emails when I respond to your reviews or not? It'd be nice to let people know I read their feedback and took in their feedback XD

Also how do I post the music buttons into forums and such?

My current track: Love is a Battlefield - Go listen to it! =) /200348

Final Fantasy 8 Soundtrack Remix/Recomposed
Here is a list also for quick reference.
1. Legendary Beast
2. Extreme
3. Liberi Fatali
4. Silence and Motion
5. Don't be Afraid (Battle Music)
6. Succession of Witches
7. Never Look Back
8. Blue Fields
9. Only A Plank Between One and Perdition
10. Balamb Garden


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2009-01-23 07:35:19

To answer your questions: No you won´t get any special notification of a respond. But personally I always check whenever I see my response counter has gone up and I think most other people do so as well.

Music buttons as in a clickable link showing a picture of your audio and stuff? Just leave a line open, then paste the full link of your audio, then leave another line open. Like this:

[full URL of your audio here]

Looking forward to FF9 remixes by the way ;) Can you please do The Dark Messenger (Trance Kuja battle theme)? Was my absolute favorite of that game.

viion responds:

ty for responce, will be posting my songs correct from now on :D

I'll get that song done, it's amazing!!!!